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Floorplan of Exhibition

Scientific and eX Exhibition and Prouducts

                      1.Technological Achievements Exhibition: the scientific and technological achievements exhibition of the project "research and application of common key technologies for structural lightweight of electric vehicles" supported by the Ministry of science and technology during the “13th five year plan” for new energy vehicles;

                      2. Alliance colleges and Universities Exhibition : open up a special area to display new lightweight technologies and products for the colleges and universities within the lightweight alliance, and accelerate the promotion and transfer of technological achievements of colleges and universities;

                      3. Vehicle/ Car Body Exhibition :  maily display the vehicle, car body and other products of passenger vehicles and business vehicles related to the theme of auto lightweight

                      4.Advanced Material Exhibition: Cold / hot stamping,rolling,bulging and casting,forging and other automotive steel materials casting,forging, extrusion,cold / hot stamping high-performance aluminum alloy materials; advanced modified plastics,engineering plastics and (glass fiber, carbon fiber, basalt, biologic based) reinforced composite materials; casting,stamping and other magnesium alloy materials 

                      5.Parts Exhibition : mainly for energy-saving and new energy vehicle chassis, power, body, interior and exterior auto parts, chassis: including knuckle, swing arm, subframe, frame, leaf spring, shock absorber, etc.; power system: engine, transmission, reducer, new energy power battery and its shell, motor, electric control, etc.; body of car : including A/ B column reinforcement paltes,roof crossrails, etc Crossbeam, crossbeam, doorsill reinforcement board, front-end module, etc.; interior and exterior decoration: mainly including door panel, instrument panel framework, column guard board and other products; electronic devices

                      6.Process Equipment: including production and processing equipment for materials and parts, including injection molding, molding, stamping, rolling, hydraulic bulging, surface treatment, connection, casting, forging, cutting and other equipment, as well as testing equipment, design software and mold for materials and parts;

                      7.Media Exhibition area:  relevant internet media, paper media, press and other special areas.