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Lightweight Design Award


The award “HBIS Cup -China Automotive Lightweight was set up in ALCE 2020 for those excellent Automotive design with view to encourage the innovation and application of lightweight technology .The prize will be awarded during the conference.Other notices are as follows:

1.Product Category

1.The products applied which are designed in automotive lightweight technology develop including Lightweight structural design, lightweight materials (high-strength steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, engineering plastics, fiber-reinforced resin-based composite materials, etc.) and forming and connection should be products and samples with innovation and Vehicle, system or assembly, typical parts, mold, equipment, software for instance.  

2.Requirement for Products Applied

1)The design products are required to be technological advanced and innovative , and also could be made large-scale use or to some extent produce economic efficiency and social efficiency.Moreover ,the requirements like greater prospects and value of industrial application ,major profound breakthrough in technology and theory, driving force are also needed for those design products.

2)The product applied are required to obtain domestic and foreign major invention patent authorizations or software copyrights, or formulate significant national / industry / group technical standards, and with application from  

Notes:Any design which has disputes over Intellectual property ,units and personnel are unable to declare until the dispute are addressed.


Please finish you design product application before the deadline June,6,2020

3. Method to Apply

1.The necessary documents and method

1Product Application Form , product information shall be finished in accordance with template of application form .The electronic version of Word and PDF with official seal of the unit and signatures of relevant personnel shall be submitted before deadline

2Additional documents,mainly include Patent certificate, paper(just on the homepage), award certificate, technical identification certificate, application case certificate, etc.

2. Requipment for Unit to Apply

Apply in name of unit only can be accepted .Enterprises both home and abroad engaged in material and parts,module and equipment,and also Universities and scientific research institutions are able to apply.The product declaration shall be signed by the corresponding person in charge of the product, the signature of the person in charge of the unit and the seal of the unit to finish application procedure.

4.Methods to Evaluate and Award.

1.Judge from online and current experts judge will work together to evaluate and select excellent design .

2.Commend and Award ceremony are scheduled to begin during ALCE2020.Selected units are invited to here for free

3.The selected units will be included into database of lightweight specific technology,and be given priority to cooperate in further cooperation.

5.Date and Schedule

1June,12  application deadline

2July,15   finishing online review

3August,21  on-site expert review and the final results

4September,23ALCE2020) Award ceremony (certificate and prize)


Contact:Chi Jingyuan 、Wang Ligang