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Conference Introduction

Time: 2020-04-09 Source:

Highlights of the conference  

Internationalization: Experts from more than 20 countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany and Japan, share the latest and cutting-edge lightweight technology of international automobile; 

Specialty: More than 200 professional and technical personnel communicate and discuss the technical problems and solutions encountered in the process of lightweight technology route, cutting-edged technology and industrialization; 

Authoritative: More than 300 leaders of domestic and foreign government departments, academicians, experts of industry institutions and technical directors of enterprises engaged in lightweight technology development and management are invited to visit, guide and exchange; 

Whole industrial chain: The participants include enterprises of whole vehicle, parts, material, mould and equipment, recycling, universities and scientific research institutes, etc.; 

Various types: In addition to rich technical reports and product displays, activities such as new technology release、special technology exchange,、expert interviews、 technology and market docking and new product promotion will also be carried out; 

Demand-led:More than 400 experts from more than 70 whole vehicle enterprises at home and abroad have "face-to-face" exchanges and demand docking with the participating enterprises.                                                                                               Date & Venue 

Date: September 21-23 ,2020 

Venue: Yangzhou International Exhibition Center, Yangzhou, China